DL Designworks was founded in the mid 90’s by Dariusz Lipski and Monika Kulicka, independent artists based in New York and Paris with an extensive record of international exhibitions. Together they apply their artistic vision of space, form, and environment to creating functional designs that not only answer practical needs, but evoke the personality of the individual client. Each realization is one of a kind, exclusively designed for a specific space, satisfying client’s unique needs. Every new project presents a challenge of balancing artistic ambitions with pragmatic limitations, while maximizing simplicity and elegance of form. Exotic woods such as zebrawood or wenge are mixed in unexpected combinations with color Formica®, metal, plastic, fabric and other materials, adding new dimensions to each DL Designworks project.
We invite you to explore our unique approach.
For additional information and inquires, please contact Dariusz or Monika